Vegan Dönner Kebab

Vegan Dönner Kebab

I loved Kebab and I thought I had to give this up when I became a vegan. I was so wrong. On my quest to find alternatives I discovered that the Vegan kebabs are even better then the meaty ones. Mind you, I have only tasted two sofar, but I was in heaven!

No I want to try making them at home. Why? Well just in case there is no vegan restaurant nearby who serves this delicious food. I want to be able to make it myself.

Vegan Dönner Kebab comes in different variations. This shawarma can be made of chickpea, tofu, jackfruit or my favourite is seitan.

As in all my cooking I usually combine several recipies together. I have found the following recipies on the internet.

  • Chickpea Shawarma

And their are a lot of youtube videos, of how to make Vegan Kebab

I keep you updated. Which vegan kebab would you prefer?

Chickpeas, Seitan, Tofu or Jackfruit?

Leave your answer in the comments bellow.

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